Monday, July 20, 2009

Nightmare on Shakespeare Street

In my dream early this morning, I was going to campus, a little later than usual, so about five minutes before my first class. Riding up the elevator with the chair and someone else, I realized that I'd missed the first day of class for the first year program (which usually happens around here on a Friday, with the full schedule starting the next week). In my surprise, I said something, and got a lecture from the chair about how if I were going to work with that program I really needed to go to the first day and all.

Then I walked through the department office, and realized I didn't have any syllabus stuff prepared for the first day of classes. And as I turned out of the back department door to go to my office, I saw that there were students sitting on the floor, waiting for me to arrive, a lot of students. Even more were waiting around the corner next to my office door, and all of them wanted to see me. And then I realized I was in a bikini, and turned around and pretended to run away for a sec to make them all laugh. But no one laughed. [See, I told you it was a nightmare!]

I think I need to prep a play a bit more, don't you? And maybe get my syllabus stuff done early?


  1. It's that time of year, isn't it? I need to get going on a syllabus or two or I'll be having my own version of that dream.

  2. Holy kittens. It's good to know that I am not the only one who has anxiety dreams about the start of the school year. Mine usually involve the first day of class, when I'm introducing myself and the course materials. No one listens to what I'm saying, and they all start talking to each other. Then one by one, they get out of their chairs and walk out. Oddly enough, that nightmare corresponds to how well my 3-year-old son listens to me in reality. :b

  3. Does prepping actually help with the anxiety dreams? I get them no matter what.

  4. Aw, geez. Those kinds of work dreams really shake me up. Like Fie, I'm usually being ignored by or have lost control of a giant class.

    Wish there was a way to tell the subconscious that it's time for a new metaphor...

  5. Dorothy, It seems early to start having anxiety dreams, doesn't it?

    Fie, Oh, great, now I'll have something totally new to be anxious about! (Not really :)

    Fretful P, Yes, prepping does help my anxiety dreams a lot. In this one, I wasn't actually running away, just trying to get a laugh... but the bikini IS weird!

    Ink, Yes, I need a new metaphor!