Friday, April 17, 2009

Authoritative Citation

One of my students listed "God" as an author in her bibliography. At least she didn't put it as a personal interview, eh?

The weekend can't come quickly enough.


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  2. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Ha! Did she seriously mean the Bible or was she being snarky? (The latter would actually amuse me....).

  3. I'm reminded of a student I had in my very first Brit Lit survey back in grad school, who wanted to write a paper about why John Donne's portrayal of God was more accurate than John Milton's. I asked her if she, personally, had ever seen God. She said yes.

    I think I did manage to convince her to write about something else, but I don't think she ever really understood what was wrong with her original topic.

  4. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Wow. I have not the words...

  5. Oh, I can beat that. I had a student who used the Bible and cited as the author, "God, et. al."

    Oh yeah.


  6. God. 2009. Personal communication. 17 April 2009.

    djkla aleishg lsks (God, 2009, personal communication).

    afjkda akdiisl (God et al., circa BCE 5000 -- circa CE 70)

    If she cited it *properly* then I'm all for it! ;-) (Kidding, of course.)

  7. My jaw is agape.

    I really think we need more information about this.

    As in, if you do not supply it, I will be unable to sleep for all the scenarios I will be constructing around this event.

    So please. I'm begging you. If only for my sanity.

  8. Heh. Here in Arkansas, we get that all the time. And yes, God as a personal source, too. God reveals things to these children all the time, and give them half a chance and they will tell you when and where and how they know it wasn't just any illusion, dr. delagar, it was REAL. And in Hebrew, btw. God speaks Hebrew.

    (Ancient or modern, I bite my tongue to keep from asking.)