Monday, September 08, 2008


Over the weekend:

Graded 1 set of quizzes and 1 set of journals.

Read a chapter in the new Oxford Chaucer Guide book thing, reread the General Prologue, my notes on the GP, part of a book on EM drama, some sonnets, two short essays on education

Wrote a new "lecture" to get from "Adam Scriveyn" ("rub and scrape") to the GP through manuscript transmission problems, anthologizing, the Decameron, and into framing narratives and narrative persona. (It didn't work brilliantly, but it sort of worked okay.)

Prepped three classes, advising for a student

Rode 60 miles

It kept me busy, along with a bank run, farmer's market visit (apples are in season, but not the Honey Crisps yet), grocery, bike shop, food co-op, but when I write it down, I wonder where the weekend went. A lot of sleeping in there, too. The first week or two of classes always makes me extra tired.

And now, I've collected a set of quizzes and a set of journals, taught two classes, and am thinking about the last minute stuff for the third class.

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  1. That sounds like an incredibly busy and productive weekend.