Friday, April 04, 2008

Biking Fashions

Sometimes, my mind just boggles at what designers think people want to wear. Here, for example, are the latest biking shorts from Castelli USA:

These are the women's shorts. Now, you probably know that bikers tend not to wear anything under the shorts, right? So why the heck would we want to look like we're wearing something over the shorts?

And pink with polka dots? I'd bike nekkid before I'd wear these.

As if the women's shorts aren't bad enough, here are the men's shorts:
Yes, that's a target, I think.

A while back, there was a picture circulating on the internet of a men's biking team in (I think) white shorts that were just a tad revealing, which makes me think that if someone just gives these designers a hint, they'll make the target shorts in white.

And you thought my endless bird pictures were bad!


  1. Wow! I totally agree with you -- those are terrible!

  2. Dorothy W. I know! Aren't you glad you don't have to wear them?

  3. Yeah. The biking shorts are awful.

  4. there is this whole cuteness thing with japanese style -- obviously not all sectors, but it is there, all over the place. and this macho thing in the air, that i still can't describe 20 years later -- maybe it has to do with the porn vending machines?

  5. MWAK, Yep, AWFUL!

    Kathy A, Weird, isn't it, the cuteness thing? But I think Castelli is an Italian company? Or Spanish? (I've missed the porn vending machines so far, thank the kami!)