Monday, August 06, 2007


There is little better in life than melted cheese. I have some cheddar from a local farm. It's pale, a sort of creamy color rather than the orange color of cheddar in the grocery store. All by itself, it tastes great. It also has a creamier texture than grocery store cheese, though not a soft cheese texture, quite.

I got some bread at the farmers' market the other day; it claimed to be sourdough, but it's not at all sour. It is, however, quite good, almost sweet. (I also got a bag of apples. Apples mean it's fall, alas. And what was I thinking getting a BAG? I've been eating two apples a day since, and they're still bulging out the top of the bag.)

I made a very basic open faced grilled cheese (not sandwich, just cheese melted on bread, open faced). This cheese melts beautifully, and then gets toasty looking spots on it. (Unlike grocery store cheese, it doesn't seem to separate into grease and something else.) It's so hot that I can barely pick it up to eat.

Foodgasm. Amazing how something so totally simple to make can be so very good.

I should get a gold medal in self-control for not eating more than two slices, but I'm promising myself some for lunch or dinner later. (I had some for dinner last night, too, and promised myself a good breakfast; it was as good as it could be.)

There's a balancing act here: I want the combo to last, but the bread will get gross if I don't eat it over the next few days. I could eat a ton at a time, but then it would lose it's specialness, and I'd feel overfull. So I eat my two slices, knowing a third would taste just as good, but leaving myself something to look forward to.


  1. My dad always put cheddar cheese on his apple pie. Maybe layer a few slices of your apples under the cheese before heating? Of course, I have never tried this, so you may not want to ruin your perfect food combination with experimentation.

  2. I totally agree with you that melted cheese is a sublime experience.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this description!

  3. Just reading your post made my cholesterol go up 10 points...but you're right, there's nothing better than good melted cheese. We get a really good white cheddar at our Farmers' Market, but I have to buy it in small chunks or I'll devour it all myself. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I agree - simple food can be just the best.

    I way take some of that bread when it gets a bit old and make some nice breadcrumbs, then use those to make some crab cakes. (I have been in such a mood fro crabcakes lately, I don;t know why....)

  5. Emmanadine, Hmm, cheddar and apples? I tend to do the apples and peanut butter thing, but cheddar? I'll have to try that.

    Hilaire, Thanks :)

    Bev, This was GOOD cheese! Well worth the cholesterol risk!

    TBTAM, mmmm, crabcakes! No bread survived, however. I ate it down to the last crumb.