Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Why I'm Glad Bikes Don't Talk

In my garage, late morning today:

Old Bike: Hey, you're back from your first real ride. How'd it go?

New Bike: Well, she's a little, you know, heavy.

OB: You should have seen her before!

NB: Wait... that was it for a ride? You're kidding, right? I was just getting warmed up. And it was so slow!

OB: I know...

NB (taking a good look at OB): She's not nearly as sleek and functional as we are, is she?

OB: You should have seen her before I started working with her!


Yesterday, when the bike shop guy was getting me going on my bike, he had me stand over the bike and clip in and out repeatedly until I could do it pretty well with both feet. Then I went for a little ride with a friend who'd happened to come into the shop to see about getting her bike tuned, and managed to do okay.

Amazing: when I walked into the bike shop (after the BSG had called to tell me my bike was ready), my bike was in front, leaning against the counter, waiting. And when I got on it, the seat was at just the right height. I think they'd adjusted so many seats when I did test rides that they knew exactly how to set it for me.

So today, my first real ride, clipless and everything. And I didn't fall (YET). I did a slowish 20 miles or so (no computer yet). The geometry is a little more "aggressive" than my old bike (with the stem adjustment thing to raise the handlebars and such), so my arms are a little tired, but DANG! It felt really good, just smooth!

I need to start doing some core exercises to hold my body up off my hands, I think. And I need to learn to pedal more fully around, I think.


  1. Congrats on the new bike! You'll have so much fun with it.

  2. I love the New Bike/Old Bike conversation...

    Happy biking!

  3. Glad the new bike fits so well! (Will we hear about old bike's jealousies when he/she/it realizes he/she/it isn't going out as often?) And core exercises will help in every facet of your life, not just biking.
    Keep pedaling!

  4. Thanks, Dorothy!

    Medieval Woman, :)

    Artemis, Core exercises aren't fun :( But riding is!