Monday, January 15, 2007

Links and News

Artemis did a great post about this being National Blood Donor Month. If you're lucky enough to be healthy and stuff, here's a site for getting in contact with the Red Cross (it's GiveLife dot Org; well, in the US, anyways) to donate.

Not only may you help save a life or make a life better, you get lots of smiles and probably some cookies from the volunteers there. AND free blood pressure info!

Me? 11/30/06, so I'll be good to go at the end of the month.

(Thanks, Artemis, I didn't even know blood donors had a month.)


In other news, January 22 is Blog For Choice day (via Feministing). NARAL/Pro-Choice America is asking pro-choice bloggers to blog for choice that day. You can sign up here at Bushvchoice dot com (which, frankly, seems either short sighted or really, really optimistic as a name), or just do it. There's also this way cool graphic for people who know how to put graphics on their blog:
(ooo, I THINK I just figured out how to put in an image! Score one for an easy user-interface!)

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