Friday, December 23, 2005

Disappointed by the internet and road trip

Not so long ago, I ordered some stuff off the internet. Nothing terribly exciting, certainly nothing to arouse anyone's prurient interests, but I thought this stuff would make a fun gift for a family member this year.

And, alas, I'm mildly disappointed. It wasn't so expensive that I'm thinking I was ripped off, or anything, it's just not as fun as I'd hoped, not as interesting, and not really going to work as a present. On the other hand, my Flying Spaghetti Monster car sticker thing came, and I'm jazzed about THAT!

I'm heading out on a road trip shortly, and probably won't have internet access or anything remotely academic to say. If you see a car with an FSM sticker thing on one side, and a Darwin fish on the other, wave! It might be me, it might not. But it probably won't get you shot or anything.

I hear there are still parts of the world not covered in cold white stuff. I aim to go find out for myself!