Monday, February 20, 2012

Text o' the Day!


  1. As usual, I suck at this game. :(

    Question for the expert: in the conditional, one can say "if thou have," instead of "if thou hast"? I never quite got my mind around older forms of English until I was grown, and I may have missed a boat or two here.

  2. Dr K, This is a pretty darned obscure text, so no worries.

    Good question about the "have"! I copied that part from the text, but I may have miscopied. Since I read early modern English but don't produce it in my own speech or writing with native speakers, I don't know the grammar very well. (Heck, I don't know modern English grammar stuff well, either.)

  3. I'm guessing Tamburlain Pt 2 was just a little too (as in WAY) obscure.

    But wow, with the whole burning the Koran bit before he dies, it's almost like I'm teaching current events.