Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bird Feeder

This isn't the best picture because the light was getting low when I finished digging out the driveway (thanks to my wonderful neighbor for his help!) and went inside and looked out the back window to see this. The darkish blotches are feathers, I think body/warming feathers, and they're not actually that small.

There weren't any mammal footprints around, but you can see there's a small disturbance on the right. (The shadowy area on the left is where I tossed out some seed this morning so the juncoes and other birds who feed more on the ground could get some despite the snow.)

It looks like it's a bird feeder in more than one way, eh?


  1. A few years ago, a colleague was standing at his back door with his toddler. Youngster was exclaiming over pretty birdie at the feeder. Daddy chimed in "Oh, look at that! Isn't it so-"

    A falcon tore out of the sky and killed the songbird dead right there in front of the horrified father and child. Let's just say that there were feathers AND tears galore or so I heard. . . .

  2. We have a redtailed hawk that hangs out in the trees across the street that gives him a good view of the bird feeder. He's taken at least one dove.

  3. This is interesting. However, you may try to acquire a bird feeder in order to attract the birds and feed them in the best manner possible. I hope that you get to make the most of your bird feeding experience.