Monday, May 24, 2010

The World Needs More Dults

When I was a kid, I thought adults had confidence about their decisions. I wanted X or Y, and the adults in my life tried to modify my desires to be a little more realistic (because it's not a good idea to keep a lion and a cow in a suburban yard). But it seemed like they knew what was what while I was just wanting.

As I've gotten older, I've realized that mostly I don't have much of the confidence I thought adults had. And I've come to think that an awful lot of adults don't actually have that confidence either. They just fake it for little kids.

Mostly, we adults muddle through, trying to get through without messing up too much.

Today I muddled my way through refinancing my house. The bank called a couple of weeks ago and said, here, do you want to refinance for free for a better interest rate so that you take your regular mortgage payments and good credit record somewhere else because you're such a good customer?

I thought it through. Why would the bank do that? And the only reason I could figure is that I could probably get an even lower rate somewhere else (though I'd have to pay fees and such). And they figure doing this will be more profitable than losing my business. But there's no cost to me, except that I'll start over with a new mortgage date.

The new mortgage date makes me feel sort of stuck here, though really, I shouldn't.

I got my hair cut because later this week I have to go do my ten year license renewal. That, too, makes me feel stuck here. Ten years is a long time.

I made an appointment to get my car's oil changed. I end up putting off those sorts of things at the end of the semester (especially this semester, when I had an additional duty to take care of).

But I still have grading. Always more grading.

(The photo is a baby starling and then one of its parents. The adults seem to have four babies squawking at them for food pretty continually. I'm not much into starlings, they being introduced and all, but wow, these adults are working hard, so I don't begrudge them a little suet.)

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  1. mortgage dates always seem kind of hypothetical, don't they?