Sunday, May 02, 2010

Meet May

It's way early, but on the way to the farmers' market (open for the first time yesterday!) yesterday, I decided to celebrate spring. So I went to one of the local nurseries and bought some annuals for my color pots.

Now, where I'm from, a color pot would probably be a special cultivar. But here in the midwest, I've learned that a color pot is a flower pot that you put outside sometime in spring, and plant a couple flowering annuals in. Then you fertilize the heck out of it, and they blossom wildly for the season. And then when it gets cold, they die and you put the pot inside or in the garage (so that it doesn't crack from expanding and contracting with temperature changes), and start over again the next year. Where I'm from, people just have flower pots on their porch or deck. I don't know that they have a special name.

Here's a White-Throated Sparrow, generously posing so that you can see the yellow spot near the eye.

And here, if you look closely, you'll see what I think is an Eastern Phoebe, my first.

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  1. Nice!

    Mr TBTAM cleared out our garden today, and we head out later this week to plant our color pots. Did already put pansies in a few weeks ago.