Sunday, May 16, 2010


I was hanging out with a friend and colleague the other day for a bit, chatting. We chatted about some campus stuff.

And my friend told me that there's a rumor going around about me, that I'm going to do X.

Now, X is on par with taking a position on the local community theater board. It's totally innocuous except in being utterly mundane and boring. (If you're going to start a rumor about me, start one that makes me seem completely and amazingly original and scandalous. Yes, I've done some stuff with the local community theater, but being on the board just isn't in my thoughts.)

But the thing is, it's a total surprise to me.

And the person who passed the rumor to my friend? Well, it's someone I'm friendly in the halls with, but I've never socialized with or hung out with, or whatever. How would that person think s/he knows about my joining the community theater board (or whatever)?

I'm guessing this person has better connections than I do, and so knows more, right?

Now why couldn't the gossip be even a little fun? (I'd prefer this rumor to a lot of nasty stuff that could go around, of course.)


  1. Maybe she's heard something about the fact that the community theater board (or its equivalent) wants to ask you to join it? Just a thought.

  2. Yeah, maybe they are going to invite you to be a very important board member!

    Or maybe hallway colleague got you mixed up with someone else.

    Or maybe hallway colleague just likes to make up stories?

  3. it's better than the time a rumor went around that i was having an affair with my boss. my INSANE boss. the one i actively worked behind scenes to get fired, right around the same time.

  4. Why wait? Start a fabulous rumor about yourself and see how long it takes to get back to you!

  5. I like Raringgrrl's idea! I should start a rumor about myself! Help me think of one!

    I haven't heard word one from anyone who's on or affiliated with the theater board (or whatever). Except in my community, there's a lot of pillow talk, so maybe this hallway colleague is sleeping with someone? But seriously, if you're having sex with someone, you should have better things to talk about than whether I'm going to join the theater board.