Monday, April 27, 2009

Earning my Paycheck

I've been meeting with several students today about revising papers. One of them came in last week, and today brought in a revision.

It was one of those essays where I take a look, and right from the beginning, the essay, the thesis, everything says "I know how to do this!"

I'd like to take full credit, but I think the student was just really ready to get things and put them together with a little bit of help. I was only the little bit of help at the right time, and now this student has this great skill that s/he can use in all sorts of situations.

It almost makes the whole getting out of bed on a rainy, nasty morning worth it!


  1. Bravo.

    I love it when that happens (and am reading some much improved research papers now). I always wonder how much credit (and how much blame) I should take.

  2. What a nice feeling! Alas, my day of working with student writing was the complete opposite: wish I could have stayed in bed!

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