Friday, April 20, 2007

Yard Birds

Over the past several days, I've seen some new yard birds.

My first ever pretty much for sure for sure Tree Swallow. (It courteously and kindly perched on the birdhouse that wrens used last summer, and posed so I could be pretty sure with binoculars and the book, and sang to tell the world how absolutely wonderful s/he is. I was convinced, anyways!)

Brown-headed Cowbirds, following a Robin around. Sneaky! And yet another one of those amazing evolutionary adaptations!

Two Downy Woodpeckers feeding on suet, not quite together. I love watching the way these guys keep watch on the world around while they get some suet in, so very alert and ready.

A Red Winged Blackbird (male) came by to feed a little on the deck (where I spread out some sunflower chips), not at all unusual in these parts, but I'd never actually seen one in the yard.

Not in the yard, but out on the bike trail, I saw a Pileated Woodpecker fly by, calling. That's one remarkably spectacular bird, with the white against the black as it flew, big, too. (Oh, a rhyme!)

The Juncos seem mostly to have moved on further north, but lots of Goldfinches, and a pair of House Finches seem to be hanging around.

Spring makes me happy!

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