Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Little Spark

Sometimes students just make me happy. The other day, one of my poetry students dropped by to chat, and in passing said that she was reading poems from our anthology that weren't on the syllabus, just because she was enjoying poetry so much. She was, she said, thinking about not turning in the rental copy she had, and paying for it so that she could continue to read poetry out of it.

I happened to have an extra copy, so now she has her own, new and clean copy, and can turn back the rental one.

Some days, I really need that little spark of joy from a student. And I got it.


  1. At this time of the semester, that spark is really special...

    You mention textbook rental. Could you give an overview of the program from your perspective? My school is considering it, what are the pros and cons of the rental vs. student purchase outright?

  2. What a great moment!

  3. Anonymous8:21 AM

    That's really nice! Thanks for lifting all our spirits by telling us about it.

  4. And I feel lifted up just reading your story about it. What a way to end a week in April.

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