Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Not a Link between Abortion and Breast Cancer Post

I gather that the anti-choice folks have glommed onto some less than reliable research that claimed a link between having an abortion and later getting breast cancer. Evidently there's no link.

There is a correlation between carrying a pregnancy to term and a lowered risk of breast cancer, especially if you do the breeding thing earlier rather than later. But that seems like a lousy reason to choose to have a baby. I'm just saying.

Anyways, The Blog that Ate Manhattan posted the other day about better research that's come out about the LACK of a positive correlation between abortion and breast cancer, and asks that folks link to the better research so that when people do google searches, those links come up instead of the anti-choice propaganda.

So, here are some of the links that TBTAM points to:

National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet on Breast Cancer Risks
American Cancer Society Information on Breast Cancer Risks

TBTAM also suggests an article by CNN: Harvard Study Latest to Discount Abortion -Breast Cancer Link

Here's TBTAM's challenge:
I challenge those of you who value scientific opinion and review over politics to blog about this topic and to provide your readers a link to one of the above information sites on your blog. Let's give these sites the hits they deserve and get them their well-deserved place on a google search.
Just trying to do my part to piss off the religious right and such. Let's try to respect the scientific process and make it as rigorous and useful as possible, and as little influenced by religion as possible.

If you want to help, I'm sure TBTAM would appreciate hearing from you!

(Sorry for being slow. I was too busy whining. Bad bad Bardiac!)

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