Saturday, April 28, 2007

Geekitude Complete - Nothing Left to Live For

I did it. I bought a bike. Well, I ordered it, and put money down, but it will be a bit coming.

And, it looks like I've decided to go with clipless pedals (at least on one side).

I went today and tried out another bike, and decided on a different one. (I tried out a standard, first with the seat a bit forward--result: wrists, arms, shoulders happy, legs not happy--then tried it with the seat back to normal--result: wrists, arms, and shoulders unhappy, legs happy.) So, we checked the measurements and I'm going with a women's specific design.

Test-riding the bike twice took a bit more time than I'd planned, and I wanted to go to the local Pow-Wow. So, yes, I went to the Pow-Wow in my biking clothes (and shoes). And I danced (it's harder than it looks!!).

I'm pretty sure there's no more geeky look than a middle aged woman in biking clothes "dancing" in a Pow-Wow.

No, apparently, I have no shame.


  1. Geeky? No, I'd call that self confident.

  2. Well, it sounds like fun to me!

  3. In an attempt to get a ride in before we left on a short trip, my boyfriend went to our undergraduate research symposium in full-on biking gear (lycra-covered appendages, funky bike shoes, helmet in hand).

    That's my guy!

  4. teri, Thanks :) but you haven't seen me try to dance!

    Jane, you're right! It was fun!

    Roaringgrrl, Hey, your guy sounds appropriately geeky! Except he probably has muscles and all, so doesn't look totally off in biking gear.

  5. Enjoy the new bike! I hope you write about what it's like to ride on it.

  6. As another academic who recently purchased a road bike, I was directed here by a friend who suggested I check out your biking post.

    Let's have an appropriately geeky convo: What kind of bike are you looking at? Mine? A Trek1000 WSD -- I opted for the women's specific design on the advice of a triathlete friend. I'm installing the clipless pedals tonight.

    Dancing in bike shorts -- Brilliant. Dancing in bike shoes? Are we talking full-on carbon soled road shoes? V. brave!

    Hope you enjoy your new ride :o)

  7. Dorothy W, I will! The test rides I took on LOTS of bike were pretty impressive. Those bikes are almost scary fast, just getting on! and going along the path, wow! So I'll let you know when mine comes along.

    Amanda, Thanks for coming by! I ordered a Trek Pilot 2.1 wsd. (It amazes me that I know what that stuff means.)

    And I'm going to try clipless. I was dancing in my beginner bike shoes, so not as solid and bendless as real grown up biker shoes. I don't think even dancing shoes would much help my dancing, actually. Alas.

  8. That's one sweet ride, B.

    I find it uncanny that we were both test riding bikes on Saturday!

    Already, bike maintenance has proven an excellent form of procrastination when faced with marking exams.