Saturday, April 15, 2006

Second best job!

The CNN Money list of the top jobs in the US. There IS indeed a lot to be said for the flexibility of scheduling many of us have, and the rather open attitudes towards clothing choices. The big thing, though, is that if you're teaching with a terminal degree, it's likely that you're teaching something you love, and that's beyond vital.


  1. We only got a B for stress? But I worked really hard on my job! Why didn't I get an A?!


    Oh, and btw, "assistant professor, liberal arts" is also listed near the top in the related article "Big jobs that pay really badly"!!!

  2. When a friend of mine sent me this, I told her that CNN/Money must have made a typo--it should have said "tenured" professor.

  3. LOL, Dr. V. Remember, hard work by itself isn't enough... blah blah. You have to EARN your A for stress!

    Ianqui, Indeed, tenured makes a world of difference for most people.