Thursday, April 27, 2006

Good day

I went to a play this evening by my favorite dead playwright, and I enjoyed it lots. Rollicking good fun (no, it wasn't Titus, but thanks for asking).

As I was walking out, I overheard a young man's voice say, "That was great. I love Shakespeare."

It just warms the cockles of my cold cranky heart!

I rode 30 miles. My legs are tuckered.

And, I may have helped someone with a problem, second hand.

All in all, a good day.


  1. You rode 30 miles?! Can you walk today?

  2. Yes, actually, I can!

    I've been building up. Last fall, I started with 6-8 miles, just around town, then rode when it wasn't TOO cold this winter, and have been building up a bit this spring.

    I'm not at all fast, and my legs are a bit tired today, but not sore or anything.

    And I have to say, getting out in the fresh air and sunshine to enjoy spring really makes my day.