Saturday, February 18, 2006


In the midst of all the car stuff yesterday, I missed noting here that Inside Higher Education linked my little brainstorming bit, and lots of people stopped by.

So welcome, folks. Pull up a computer screen and relax. And drop me some more great ideas for the class, please! It looks like it's actually a go.

I felt a little ambivalent at first when I saw the IHE thing, mostly because it was linked to one of those "think out loud even though it reveals that I'm maybe not very good at this teaching thing" posts. I felt comfortable with the idea that the usual few folks would stop by and hopefully offer suggestions (and my thanks to those who have!). But then suddenly, a lot more people are seeing the wizard without his super-sized wizard head, and oops! And maybe some of those people are tax payers.

Reading through the comments, though, I am very encouraged, and appreciative! Once I finish chore #1 for today, and #2-6, then I'll be starting to look up and read some of your suggestions.

So, thanks again for the brainstorming help. I hope you enjoy my little contribution to the blogosphere.

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