Monday, February 20, 2006

Sidle on up and share

My student sidled up to me in that way students have when you're standing at the front of the class and they don't want anyone else to overhear what they're saying. She had papers in her hand.

She mumbled something, so I leaned towards her to hear better, apologized, and asked her to repeat what she'd said.

"I think I have strep, so I want to leave class early today." She held out her paper for me to take.

Thanks for sharing.

And, yes, this same student had been doing the chew and pull with her gum just a few minutes earlier.


  1. I've started keeping Purell in my office. I make students use it. Yes, really.

    And when they cough in their hands and then want to use my pencil, or when they blow their noses and then start to grab the doorknob, I mention it.

    They've started reaching for the Purell automatically.

    And I wash my hands often.

    Nobody told us about the germy part of our job in grad school, did they? :)

  2. I use the purell and the lyso wipes and the spray around my face. Yes, I do whatever it takes to keep those germs away. There is nothing worse than a student who doesn't use tissues and will sit and dab at their nose with their hands and then reach for papers and try to hand to me. No fucking way. Keep your germs, I say.

  3. Eww.

    I'm wish I were as daring as the rest of you. I'm afraid of hurting their feelings (I also manage not to mention it when they clearly haven't done the oral hygiene thing since they were in pre-school and, having just rolled out of bed, wish to sidle up to me.)I try just not to breathe in either case. And then I hope to remember to run to the restroom and douse myself.

    I'm sorry to say I don't know what Purell is. Sounds like magical antibacterial antistudentcootie goo. Maybe I should get some..and do whatever that spray thing is.

  4. Here is another Purell fan chiming in. I use it myself, but hadn't tjhought to offer it to students.

  5. Do you folks carry Purell or whatever around with you to classrooms?

    I try to wash my hands on the way back from classes, and certainly before sitting around my office. But I think most of you folks have me beat on hygiene.

    Terminal probably has me way beat on germ exposure, though, at least I'm guessing so, since I always think of the Kazoo as a wind instrument.