Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Day by day

I put my wallet through the wash this afternoon. That's pretty much emblematic of my day. Two of my magnetic cards (and I have a ton, credit cards, library cards, insurance cards) seem to be magnetically attracted to each other now, though I'm not sure how that could happen just from the wash.

And yet, compared to the world at large, my day was grand. South Dakota's senate is on the edge of passing a bill that would pretty much outlaw abortion. (Link to CNN article, may be time-sensitive).

And the Supreme Court decided to hear the case involving the 2003 law banning so-called "partial birth" abortions.

As usual, BitchPhD has a great if disheartening post.

And, as usual, TheWellTimedPeriod has an informative post both about new FDA regulations regarding Acutane and the SCOTUS case.

Today, I wish I could just hide, but really, the time to hide or keep quiet is done.

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