Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sports star

My "athletic" team competed tonight. Well, we showed up and did our best, anyway. And we laughed and cheered for each other and the people on the opposing team with equal enthusiasm, something that always shocks them, and gives us our best chance of winning, since our athleticism isn't going to get us there.

We recently decided to buy team shirts. Mostly we realized that we're never going to win the league and get free shirts, so if we want them, we have to get them ourselves. We then decided to go wild and have our team name put on the back, and our special team names (since we're NOT going to do this particular athletic thing under our own names) on the front. For some reason, we let one of our members talk us into BRIGHT pink shirts with black trim. I'm not a person who likes pink much, generally, but what the heck. We can pretend it's feminist and in your face. Think Jane Gallop, or something.

We now have a team cheer to go along with our shirts. I have permission from the author to post it here, so, for your reading pleasure:

P-I-N-K, pink, pink, pink!
Let's try not to stink, stink, stink!

The thing with the cheer is that it generally cracks us up so much that we completely mess up our next attempts at athleticism.

Just in case you're wondering, none of us is giving up our day jobs. However, again tonight we had a perfect score of NO injuries to ourselves or others. We pretty much aim for that as our standard, and so far, we're okay on that one.

Shockingly, I had my best overall average tonight (counting some four years of athleticism). Go Go Bardiac!


  1. How cool that your goal is not to injure yourself. I like that kind of competition. Good luck and maybe someday your team might win and if not, I like your attitude.

  2. Thanks, Zelda1. We sure as heck have a great time and chat lots, so it's a winning situation even though we don't score very well usually.