Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring Break, the Last Day

It's been a productive AND restful break!

Here's what my list looked like:

1.  Grade 12 more papers.
2.  Reread Faustus for class on the Monday after break.
3.  Reread Reservation Blues for the Wednesday after break.  (yep, conflicted!)
4.  Reread "Yellow Woman" for the Monday after break.
5.  Write the next assignment sheet for the first year writing class.
6.  Clean up the garage (mostly sweeping at this point).  Move the kayak up out of storage, if I can get some help.
7.  Read Sing for your Life, which a friend lent me.  I wasn't as impressed by the writing as my friend was.
8.  Red up my campus office.  (The clutter bothers me!)
9.  Practice violin every day!
10.  Get out and ride my bike!
11.  Put up art in the living room.
12.  Do some birding!
13.  Start drafting the paper I worked on at the British Library.
14.  Clean up the house as I can (as the painting gets done).
15.  Put fishing line on birdhouses
16.  Cut a branch from one of the pine trees.
17.  Meet with person from the campus teaching center about a project.

So, not everything got done, but lots did.  I didn't practice every day.  But I did most days.  

And I'm feeling good about getting back to classes after getting some good (local) news.

Best of all, I'm expecting a friend to come visit because she's doing a poetry reading on campus this coming week!  

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  1. I'm impressed! Hope you feel in good shape to return to school tomorrow.