Sunday, August 18, 2013

Park to Park

Well, not quite.

But it was a long ride for me today, and I'm tuckered.  I did have a really great chocolate malt, though, and a beautiful, nearly flat ride from one state park almost to another (I turned back figuring that I would be tired enough without the extra three miles going all the way was likely to mean).

I got to my house, unloaded what had to be unloaded from the car, lied down on a couch and slept for almost an hour without moving (except for breathing), because too many of my body parts were too tired to move.  And when I woke, it took a good, long while to make myself move off the couch.

On top of yesterday's ride, I'm tuckered.  But in a good way that means I will be ready to go to work on class stuff tomorrow.

Our bike trails around here are beautiful.  This one was along a river for most of the way, quiet, and not near big roads.  So that was quite different than the beautiful but busy road yesterday, which I shared with a LOT of motorcycles out for a beautiful day (and road construction; road construction zones that have one lane of traffic going through at a time, in one direction or the other, aren't designed for cyclists who go so much slower than the 45 or so the cars go, which means that there were several times when I was biking along, looking at oncoming single lane traffic coming while I tried to get beyond the construction area.  Still, it was good!).

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