Thursday, August 15, 2013


Our local arts paper has a back to school section where it lists 9 semesters of classes, with no logical connection I can see, other than that the author thinks they'd be cool classes.

And guess whose Chaucer class is listed in semester five (along with, oddly enough, an intro to college life class).  Still, it's fun to see a Chaucer class listed along with the "coolest, most interesting" classes. 

(I didn't recognize the writer's name, so zie wasn't in the class in the past few years, and no one else has taught it in say five years.  The paper does tend to be heavily staffed by our grads in their first year or two out of school, with a high turnover as people move on.  It's a neat paper for our area, too!)

My chair sent out a strong admonition the other day; zie said that the writing director and the chair had been getting many requests for overloads into our first year comp classes, and said that they'd resisted these requests and hoped we all would resist these requests, too, since they'd put huge work into getting the class sizes for first year comp made sane and reasonable, and didn't want any administrators deciding they could creep class sizes up.

I love my chair.  Zie is not perfect, but zie has ethics and a backbone.


  1. This is pretty cool!

    (Both things -- getting the Chaucer class mentioned *and* your chair!)

  2. When a local news station did a list of cool classes in our area, they argued that because the classes were fun they must be worthless and a waste of student money. It was an expose on how colleges are a scam. I like your paper better.

    And that is awesome about resisting the overloads. I hope everyone does it!

  3. I tried to post yesterday, but my login kept getting rejected. Just wanted to say congratulations and isn't it weird that of all the cool things you do, the Chaucer class is the one that happened to get celebrated? Didn't see that coming!

    I'm impressed by your chair!