Sunday, July 28, 2013


A friend of mine on effbee linked this site (Nerd Fitness) to another friend, and being a nerd, I took a look.

The head nerd approaches things sort of in terms of gaming, and has this great list of life quests.

Some of the things on his list sound fun, some not so much, but they're his list, so he gets to choose.

It's like a bucket list, I guess, except with a nerd approach.  The idea is he has this list of goals, and each one accomplished counts at 20% of a level, with some counting a full 100% of a level.

Thinking for me, what would I put on a list?

What would you put on one?

(It seems like I've accomplished some things that could have been put on a list if I'd started at 22 or something.  But it seems unfair to put them on now, no?)

Anyway, on my list would certainly be:

Teach my new senior seminar iteration.
Publish the article I've been working on.
Do this Chaucer project.
Finish teaching all of Shakespeare's plays (two to go!)
Visit Machu Picchu.
Visit Antarctica.
Visit Alaska.
See a bear (not in a zoo).
See a river otter (not in a zoo).
Visit Glacier National Park.
Regain fluency in Spanish.
Read Proust's Remembrance of Things Past.
Reread War and Peace.
Reread Anna Karenina.
Reread The Brother's Karamazov.  (These are things I read as a teen, without any guidance, and I'm sure I'd understand them a whole lot better now.)

What else?


  1. Become a classical pianist.

  2. I am so impressed that you read these books as a teen. I was still reading Teen Beat. (Sorta).

  3. I would also like to see a bear not in a zoo, and was super disappointed that this didn't happen in our recent trip 'up north."

    Btw, your link to head nerd's quest list is actually a link to the Shakespeare authorship book from one of your earlier posts.

  4. Oh, Bethany, that's a big one! Do you already play?

    P, don't be impressed! I didn't really understand them at all, and I was totally pretentious and obnoxious.

    Dr. V. Thanks! Fixed it. And yes, BEAR!

  5. Bardiac, if you go to Glacier and visit the Many Glaciers area, you are almost guaranteed to see a bear, if not multiple bears. We saw 3 on our trip last week: a juvenile grizz, a medium-sized brown, and a big grizz up on the moutain above us. And the huckleberries weren't even ripe yet, so if you go in August or September, watch out for bears!

    I've heard that Yellowstone in September and early October is full of zombie-bears desperately trying to eat up before hibernation, so that would be a good place to go, too.