Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Micro Mini Triathalon

A couple of my more athletic friends are doing a friendly triathalon, and they've talked me into playing along.  Except while they do an Olympic length tri, I'll be doing a micro mini one, with 1/8 of a mile swimming (we'll all be in a pool where that's 4 laps), 15 miles biking (I think we're all riding road bikes), and about 3km running (along a trail; my turnback point is an underpass).  I expect to finish in about the same time they do. 

If I can't walk on Friday...

I haven't run in a LONG time.  I do bike fairly regularly and swim sometimes.  So I expect I'll be walking during the run part.

Wish me survival!


  1. More than survival, I wish you fun times!

    That sounds pretty impressive to me. Be proud of yourself for taking part.

  2. eh, it'll be more fun if you all finish around the same time! Good for you for joining in -- Have fun!

  3. I love this! I will never exercise with my athletic friends because I'm embarrassed at how much more fit they are, but your mini-triathlon sounds like a perfect way for you all to hang out together and have fun.

  4. It should be fun! And yet, I am strangely anxious! Half an hour before it's time to leave!