Thursday, July 25, 2013

Micro Mini Success!

A storm was coming in this afternoon, so we changed our plans and did an indoor triathlon of sorts.  We swam 10 minutes, biked 15 minutes (we wanted to bike 25 minutes, but the person who was kind enough to let us sneak in and bike in the back of her spin class had to leave), and then ran 15 minutes.

I was happiest about my run, oddly enough, because I managed to run for the whole 15 minutes, and I went a mile and an eighth (I was hoping for a mile), and then we went out to dinner. 

It was way more fun than I would have thought.  We didn't rush through "transitions" or anything, which is totally unlike real triathlons. 

I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow, and I have a feeling I'll be very happy about that.

Anyway, it ended up I swam more than I'd planned for the micro mini outside, biked less (a lot less), and ran a bit more (my friends measured the run, and mine would have been under a mile outside).

So, success in a fun afternoon! 

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