Friday, August 03, 2012

Spot Check

Recently, some pups were visiting my house, and one of them had a couple small accidents.  (I think it was the small one, given the small size of the spots, and the much larger other dog.  But it doesn't really matter.)

So this morning, I pulled out the carpet cleaner that I got when my dog was getting old and had some accidents.  Then I pulled out the vacuum, because you need to vacuum first, right?  So I vacuumed that part, and then figured that a full load of solution in the cleaner would leave some left over, so I vacuumed more.  Then I cleaned (and both little spots came out).

Then I thought, oh, there are some other dirty spots.  So I vacuumed elsewhere, and cleaned.  And then thought of some other areas, and did the same.  I basically did about a third of the upstairs part of the house.  (Which reminds me that I should check the downstairs for other accidents.)

You know what's horrible?  First, even though the house is vacuumed regularly, and I just vacuumed, the cleaner brings up this horrid muddy sludge stuff.

And second, perhaps worse, despite brining up the horrid muddy sludge stuff, the carpet doesn't look dramatically better.  But it did make me think that perhaps I should do a more thorough job soon, and probably do it a bit more often than I do.


  1. Oh, that's no fun. It makes me all the happier that our house is all hardwood and tile. A lot easier to clean up after the inevitable dog messes.

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  3. Call Stanley Steamer. They'll do an awesome job on your carpet, it'll dry fast, and it's totally worth the money to avoid the hassle.