Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Exciting Times in Small Town USA

I went out to dinner with a bunch of friends yesterday.  We'd planned on a certain restaurant, but there were 7 of us standing there, and we decided we'd never get all seated together at this tiny (but yummy) place.  While we were starting to decide this, we were standing outside.

It's a small restaurant on the corner of a pretty quiet street at the edge of the downtown area.

Then I saw a guy on a motorcycle very slowly turn right onto the street, just in front of a car, which slowed radically.  The motorcycle guy basically stopped, and toppled onto his right side.  He was on a HUGE Harley, and then the Harley was on his leg.  (It looked pretty much the same as when a clipped in biker forgets to clip out when they stop, and just falls sort of gently over.  Except that sort of biker isn't on a huge Harley.)

(The car totally stopped, probably ten feet from him, and then went around (because it's pretty quiet).  But it was very clear that the car hadn't hit the guy.)

Several of us rushed out to pull the bike off his leg.  I was lifting on the back, on his sissy bar (is that what they call them on motorcycles?  It's what we called it on old Schwinn Stingrays.).  Other folks were nearer him.  I heard him mumble, and he looked shaky, but he got on the bike.  And just sat there.

Different folks suggested that he shouldn't ride, and we were all a bit concerned.

Then one of the people near the front of the bike told him that he needed to turn the key.  (I thought you had to do a semi-jump thing to start a motorcycle?  Guess not.)  Then he turned the key, and slowly motored off.

The people who were closer said they thought he might be drunk.  I thought he just looked sort of stunned.  But it didn't look like he'd hit his head or anything, nor did he seem to have road rash or scraped clothing.

And then one of the people called the police to tell them that she thought there was a drunk driver.  And, impressively, she had his license plate.  (I didn't even think of that, though I also didn't think he was drunk.)

Evidently, he had mumbled something about how he loved us all, so maybe that helped the people who thought he was drunk come to that conclusion?


  1. Definitely! What other explanation? LOL

  2. You are a true hero - both for putting up with the annoying script calls and for giving blood so regularly.