Thursday, August 02, 2012

Hard Sell

My eight weeks since my last blood donation were up recently, so I got a call from the Red Cross folks.  Here's how it basically goes: 

Hi, may we speak to Bardiac.

Hi, this is Bardiac.

This is Name from the Red Cross, calling to let you know that you're eligible to donate again.

Great, let me get my calendar.

You know, Bardiac, blood supplies are critical and in critically short supply right now and blah blah.

See, I've already implied that I'll donate, but then they need to go on their script and tell me about the critical shortage of blood supplies.  And somehow, that makes me cranky.  They don't need to convince ME!  I donate pretty regularly.

And I've never gotten a call from them when they didn't say that there was a critical shortage.  It's like there's always a critical shortage in the blood supply and always a crisis in education.  It's the state of things.

But after a while, the critical shortage, crisis sort of thing becomes sort of mundane, as when the emergency danger level is always red. 

And I don't think trying to convince me does much, since I donate pretty much to the yearly limit.  What they need to do is reach people who are qualified to donate (adult, healthy, etc) and convince them.  And I don't know how to do that.

At any rate, the extra good news is that my blood pressure was 116/68.  And I had a pulse, and my temperature was above room temperature.  All good.

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  1. Good blood pressure! I'm annoyed by scripts, too, especially when I've already agreed to do whatever it is I'm supposed to do.