Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Three More Days

There's nothing quite like getting to work early in the morning and entering a long column of midterm exam grades in the gradebook. For just that moment you can look and see that yes, you did a good deal of work to get those graded.

But then there are all the blank columns still waiting. And the stacks of papers in my bag and on the desk, all waiting.

I have one big stack to grade still (I'm aiming for Friday, but not really hopeful). Then there's a small stack for one class, a small stack for another class, and a small stack for another class. (The small stacks tend to be journals, so they aren't too onerous, but they still take some time.)

And then, and then, there's spring break!

I have a foot appointment (which I may cancel) and a roofing estimate appointment, but other than that, my time looks flexible. I'm also okay to give blood again in there, but I think I'll put it off for a week so that I can ride my bike and feel good every day. (Giving blood makes me feel less than lively if I ride the next day. I don't feel less lively if I do normal stuff, but riding or other sporty stuff, I do.)

My foot: Last time, the physical therapist suggested trying some support shoes (structured, or something), so I got a pair (running shoes) and have been wearing those. And my foot hasn't been hurting.

BUT, I also haven't been walking for 5+ hours at a time.

If the foot is fine, then it's fine. To test it, I need to walk for five hours (or less if it starts hurting earlier).

If the foot's fine, then I don't really need the appointment.

If the foot isn't fine, then the physical therapist is at a lost and will suggest that I go back to the clinic physician and ask for a referal to a podiatrist. Or, I can just accept that when I walk 5+ hours, my foot will get sore and leave it at that.

And that's what I'm leaning towards: leave it at that. I can't really imagine a podiatrist is going to do anything helpful that doesn't involve a risk of something worse (like surgery), and I don't think the pain is that bad or happens that often to go through surgery about it.


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    As someone with a long history of knee, ankle and foot problems, I offer the following thoughts: supportive shoes are a big help. Sometimes you don't really need a "proper diagnosis," i.e. so you know whether you need arch support, metatarsal support, this, that, or the other, just a good pair of shoes. And if they fix the problem, then there's no problem! Five or more hours of walking is a lot of walking, by anyone's standards. Personally I'm against any surgery unless you're really completely out of options, and I realize other people's MMV, but it doesn't seem worth the risk if you can live your normal life in running shoes or similar.

  2. Sorry, the above was Dame Eleanor, but I forgot to fill in the URL before hitting enter.

  3. I've had a lot of surgeries for lots of reasons. My personal take on it after lots of experience is that if you don't absolutely need it, avoid it. Doctors (most especially surgeons) always seem to think surgery is the most logical rational solution but real life says otherwise. Surgery doesn't always fix the problem, especially for a problem that only appears after a lot of foot stress.

    And yes, 5 hours is a lot of walking for anyone.

    But I'm not a doctor, of course. Just someone who's had too many surgeries. ;)

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