Friday, March 16, 2012

Taking Bets

How many of the 33 students currently enrolled in my Shakespeare class will be in class this afternoon?

more than 20
between 10 and 20
fewer than 10

All the students who signed up for conferences with me this morning (five) came, so that's hopeful (but that wasn't for the Shakespeare class).

I haven't been off the floor (where my department lives) and into the teaching wing yet today, but I heard from a colleague that a lot of classes are dark. And presumably they're not dark because they're playing a movie.

Today's the day we talk about Falstaff, honor, death, and then we kill Hotspur. It's a good day! And then break, and that, too, should be good!

*edited to change the greater than and less than signs, which html things mean something different, and thus didn't display as I wanted.

And yes, I said "fewer." Anyone else have that pet peeve about count nouns?


  1. OMG. YES. Less vs fewer is like my biggest pet peeve EVER. (Apparently not #2's biggest pet peeve, but it is up there.)

  2. I'd say between 10-20. I cannot imagine a Shakespeare class with 33 students. I never give tests - just have them write. What do you do?