Monday, March 19, 2012

Stress Break?

Today is the first official day of spring break here at NWU. Last night I had a dream, not quite a nightmare, that it was the first day back and I hadn't graded any of the papers I need to grade. Bleargh!

So here's the work rundown for the week:

Stack of Shakespeare papers
Stack of Writing papers
Stack of Writing peer editing
Stack of Shakespeare journals
Stack of Marlowe stuffs
SAA Response (today!)
Read other SAA papers
Draft a paper for something else
Clean up the house a bit
Plant marigolds (inside little pots)
Reread H5
Reread Marlowe play (how bad is it that I can't remember which one?)

It sounds like a lot, and feels like a lot, but it's easier to focus when you don't have classes to prep and teach throughout the day and week, right?

Yesterday, a friend and I went to a big marsh several hours away, but we didn't see nearly as many birds as I would have hoped. The company was wonderful and we had a really good time (at least I did), so it was a great trip.


  1. My spring break looked a lot like your to-do list, as well. While it was a lot to do, it was a relief to be able to focus on catching up instead of just juggling everything in order to get class prep done in addition to the grading, etc. Still - good luck. You have plenty to keep you busy. Hope you can find some time for fun, too.

  2. Your spring break sounds like mine, too!

    I also have to clean out the TV room to turn it into a workroom for the kid. And we're going hiking in the Boston Mountains if it ever stops raining.