Wednesday, March 21, 2012

That Princeton Survey Thing

I just filled out the survey; I'd done the original pass way back when.

They really set it up so that it's focused on folks at R1s, and need to rething the "how many courses" you teach question to also ask about credit hours or student contact hours.

It's hard to be cheerful about professional prospects in this state. I need to not think about that or I'll start getting really upset and will want to go home and make oatmeal cookies so that I can eat the dough.

But, I'm over halfway done with one big grading stack, so at least there's that.

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  1. How weird: I could have written this *exact* post! I just finished mine, too.

    And yeah, ditto on the R1 thing. The first round of "do junior faculty" serve on dissertation committees questions needed a box for "my field doesn't have a PhD program at my university" (that *did* come up later, at least). And I really didn't know how to fill out the kinds of courses I teach in a typical year. I'd said 5 for the total, but then they split up undergrad and grad lecture sections, and at our uni, those are combined into one. So, had I counted them under both categories, the numbers wouldn't have matched up. This annoyed me.

    I also didn't have much will for answering the questions about optimism for future prospects, but I did write something. It wasn't pretty.