Sunday, September 04, 2011


I'm living in a corridor with several other faculty and some partners. It's like a dorm, except with huge luxurious rooms. Which is to say, not much like a dorm at all.

Except right now, several people are skyping. I can hear the voices from their computers (not enough to make out the conversations), and the people on this end are yelling into their microphones, it sounds like. And one of them occasionally carries her laptop into the hall (I think to get better reception).

Skyping: the middle aged dorm life version of my old dorm neighbors playing "Your Love is Like a Nuclear Waste" way too loudly.


  1. weird -- skype works over the internet, and i assume they aren't going to the hall to google or email. but the audio is like being on speakerphone: tres annoying for the neighbors.

    if you do any getting-to-know-you things -- a meal, popcorn in the hall, chili cookoff, movie night -- maybe there's an opportunity to slip this problem in gracefully? they may not know the walls are so thin.

    if it happens at ungodly hours, you can of course use the time-tested method of showing up in nightgear and sweater, explaining politely and blearily that you and others need to sleep.

  2. I used to *dream* of living in a corridor!!