Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bloggidy Meet Up!

I met another blogger today, and it was WAY cool :)

(I didn't think to talk about whether we should blog about meeting, so until I hear or not, I won't say anything more specific.)

But fun! Cool! Neato!

(I gave the other blogger a tour of the Abbey, and s/he was suitably impressed. I should get a title just for living here, something really original and neat.)


  1. I know who some of the bloggers in my field are, but I've never personally met any of them. I have always wondered, if I meet IRL with a blogger whose blog I follow, how will the image I've constructed of such blogger fit with how s/he is IRL. Was it hard for you to leave aside your ideas about the blogger and interact with him/her in real life?

  2. You can blog about it!

    From my perspective, Spanish prof, Bardiac is EXACTLY as I imagined her from reading her blog. Which was kind of surprising, really. I guess some people construct their pseudonymous self to be quite a different version of themselves, and some people keep it very much the same.

    It was very cool to meet you. And thanks for the tour!

  3. Cool! Now I want to meet some bloggers in real life.

  4. It was great, StyleyGeek!

    For my part, I found StyleyGeek quite stylish and not a little Geekish, which I mean as a high compliment. It was fun to get to chat and show her the "Abbey."

    (But I do miss parrot pictures!)