Sunday, September 18, 2011

If I Had Boatloads of Money

I was in train stations today, and so had plenty of opportunity to look at ads for some of the latest film releases. There's one out that has a long list of male names and one female name at the very end. It looks to be some sort of spy thriller sort of film.

If I had a boatload of money, I'd buy the rights to a script like that, hire a kickass director (etc), and make my only condition that the roles be completely gender reversed, not as in writing new roles to be "for women" but just putting women actors in all those roles (I would let them change the first names if they really wanted to. Or not). So we'd end up with a spy thriller sort of film with a list of women's names and one male name at the end.

If you have boatloads of money and want to try out the idea, please do. I give it to you, free of charge.


  1. I love that idea!

    Sadly, I don't have boatloads of money.

  2. That would be fabulous, though if the film you're thinking of is Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, the male to female ratio's probably fairly accurate for the Cold War era British secret service. More's the pity. I'm looking forward to that one, even if by all accounts it's still not quite as good as the BBC adaptation with Alec Guinness.