Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Hope for Spring

A lot more of my crocuses are blooming now, and it's exciting.

Earlier today, one of my colleagues said he'd seen some Tundra Swans flying in a V overhead. Then another said he'd seen some in a wet field outside of town. So I drove out and saw them! (I didn't stop at home to get my camera because I had a short time to get there and then back for an appointment, but I'm thinking I'll try to take my camera tomorrow.

I'm thinking about getting a macro lens because I like taking pictures of my crocuses every spring. These were taken with my Canon (Eos Rebel) digital slr with an 18-55 lens (the one that came with the camera). So if anyone knows anything about macro lenses, feel free to help me decide!

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  1. Pretty! Have you ever thought of taking a photography class? The instructor would be helpful in discussing the best equipment choices. As well as how to use them.