Friday, May 08, 2009

Which Poem?

A special poem!

Happy last day of classes, folks. (And if you're already done, shush! And if you're not, my condolences.)

Edit: Here's Billy Collins reading "The Lanyard"


  1. Ooh, I know! Am not saying so that the game isn't over already because your artistic representation is awesome and deserves some play.*

    I heart that poet. In fact, I put one of his poems on my midterm to be analyzed. :)

    [*spoiler alert* the title rhymes with "Le Zanzard," right? I have made several of those myself, in what was called "boondoggle class" back in the day! *end spoiler alert*]

  2. That is a great poem, I agree. (And yes, Ink, I agree that it does rhyme with "Le Zanzard", though I would have gone with "Cranford" for the rhyme, myself. Of course, that lacks the article and is a slant-rhyme at best, but hey, we're all about obfuscation here.)

    Thanks for the condolences, by the way. Being on the quarter system means we're always out of step with the rest of the civilized world: I'm grading midterms right now.

  3. I know that poem, too! Not sure why the captcha is loses, but I know it!

  4. Noooooooooo tell me already. I have no idea, yet get the feeling it must be obvious...this is driving me crazy.

  5. I've never heard/read that poem before. Thank you so much for the video of it. If it weren't for the laughing crowd, I probably would have cried. The thing is -- the first time your kid gives you anything (of their own accord), it makes up for every colic-ridden night, every body-fluid smeared load of laundry, and every piece of tossed food. My little boy gave me a piece of clover once - held it out and said, "flower, mommy," and I knew why I wanted to have a kid in the first place. Pure love. Thanks for sharing.