Monday, May 04, 2009

Somewhat Sanguine

One of my colleagues gave me some flowers today in sympathy for my being on the Super Painful Committee next year. Sometimes I really like my colleagues for being decent humans.

I went out for a ride today, planning to go about 20 miles, but about halfway back, I saw a friend, the partner of a colleague, so I turned around and rode with him. He rides a recumbent, which means a slower pace, and that was fine with me. The conversation was good, and the miles passed.

I'm feeling a bit more confident today. I went 30 miles, slower because of riding with my friend, but it felt good, and my legs are tired but in a good way.

When I was sitting around this evening, the Red Cross folks called to let me know that I can donate blood again this week.

I'd forgotten to ask before, but I asked while we were talking on the phone, and the blood donation person said I've given 37 times. That's 37 times through the Red Cross, though I donated for some of years through a blood bank when I was young. (Do those even exist now? The idea was that you could donate through a blood bank and then if you ever needed blood, you'd pay a processing fee that was less than if you hadn't donated. But I was lucky enough not to need blood, and now I've moved far away. I don't think that's at all how the Red Cross works.)

The blood donation person was understanding when I said I didn't want to make an appointment because I'm training for a bike ride and want to donate on a rainy day.

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  1. you'll be up to 5 gallons before you know it. i think the red cross gives a prize for that.