Sunday, May 24, 2009

Luck of the Stupid

I went out to dinner tonight with a couple friends. Along the way, we were talking about biking, since I'd gone for a 51 mile ride today. We had a really good pizza, out in the middle of a nearby country, in a barn.

When they dropped me off, Z asked to see my bike, so I got it out of the car to show her.

What's that on the tire? A bald spot, about an inch long, most of the width of the tread, on the back tire. And look, a smaller balding spot on the front tire, but to the side more.

So did I mention that I took a 51 mile ride today? And not a single problem. And then there's a bald spot tonight, when the bike is safely in the garage resting with the other bike. There's a bald spot today, when I have tomorrow (or Tuesday if the shops are closed tomorrow) to get new tires put on before I leave on my long trip on Wednesday morning. Yes, that long trip, the one where I bike for 5 days in Yellowstone.

Sometimes, I live a charmed life. It's like I'm in a Buster Keaton movie with the wall falling around me, and I'm blithely standing just where the window opening comes down.

I have about 4000 miles on these tires, which seems pretty much in line with what bike tires get (from what I've read).

I'm thinking I'll give the bike a nice bath and lube tomorrow morning, then if I can get new tires, I'll take a short ride.


  1. Wow! That is lucky! I can't wait to see pics from your trip through yellowstone!

  2. 4000 miles!!! Whoa!

  3. Have you worn through the tread to the cloth casing, or is the bald spot just a place where the tread has worn through and the tire is smooth? If it's the latter, there's no need to replace the tires immediately. The cloth casing is what holds the tube in place and provides strength. The rubber is there to protect the cloth and provide traction. Tires used on paved roads don't need tread. The late Sheldon Brown wrote a great article on bicycle tires, including tread and when to replace tires:

    Happy riding!