Saturday, May 02, 2009


I've decided not to run for re-election to a big committee thing, which means I also won't be on the other two related committees I'm on this year.

I'll still be on a departmental (small job) committee, and probably as chair next year.

So, I put in to run for a college committee, figuring the college committee and the small job committee would be about right.

Then I got guilted into running for a departmental (big task) committee. Okay, still, I won't also be on a search, so I'll survive.

Until yesterday, when the Super Painful Committee chair came by my office. She said one of our colleagues has refused to serve his/her rotation on the SPC, and that I'm in line.

WTF! This colleague just came off of sabbatical, and is too tired to do his/her rotation? And that's that? S/he just gets a pass?

And I'm the one nailed to fill in.

And after my bike ride, I was feeling good until I got home to find the handyman in my garage. He was there to check the oil and stuff on the lawn mower and to sharpen the blades. But then he'd realized that the garage door doesn't work, so he'd started farting around with that.

Yeah, because when he changed the spring, he put on one that was the wrong size and stretched, and now the proper one is on order at the garage door company.

Why couldn't he call to check with me BEFORE coming? AND before screwing up the door further?

The world would be a lot less frustrating if people would do their jobs and do them well, wouldn't it.

There are neither enough expletives nor enough chocolate to make the next year good.

To add insult to injury: Brach's changed the recipe of their malted milk balls. The chocolate's suddenly waxy and nasty, and the malt tastes like bad Whoppers malt. They used to be good, and now they're not, and I'm sad.


  1. Harry & David's has pretty good ones.

  2. Ugh! And why don't *you* get to say no? Oh, I'm so frustrated on your behalf. I'm sorry!

    Any way you could get out of one of the other committee assignments, what with this new one sprung on you?

    (Word verification: "homisi"--just waiting on a "-dal".)

  3. I remember running into a colleague once sitting in the office saying "No" "No" "No". He told me he had to practice. I know I do. Maybe we could have online "no" practices?

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