Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Almost the Light

I'm almost caught up on my grading. But I get a new stack tomorrow, another Friday, and another Monday. Why do I do this to myself?

I'm almost prepped for my meeting tomorrow. That will be hour number five for meetings so far this week.

I'm almost fully prepped for my classes tomorrow. I was laughing in my office as I reread "The Miller's Tale" earlier. Tehee! I tried explaining the basics to a colleague (who had asked) after a meeting today, but she couldn't quite get past the beard bit. I don't think I told it well, alas.

I haven't even started the big report thing that's due on Monday. Okay, well, I started. I did a small chunk of the work and had two meetings about it that I read for and all. And I tried to get some information from our assessment person via the chair, but the information doesn't exist. It could be really useful information if it existed, but the purpose of assessment isn't to give us useful information, not really.

Tomorrow is the first. For those of us on 9 month contracts, this is the first payday since we came under contract in mid-August, and the first since June 1.

My nose itches. Not inside, on top. I smacked a really hard-shelled bug with it while I was riding the other day, which made it sting for several hours. But it didn't hurt deeply, and didn't swell or bleed or anything. (And can you imagine the weirdness of a middle-aged woman showing up in an emergency room place in lycra complaining of a bug crash? My nose would have to be pretty much totally smashed and uncontrollably gushing blood before I'd dare that one.)

Oddly, this week is already going so much better than last week! I can almost have hope! (At least until I hear the news on the radio as I'm waking up, and realize that I'll never be able to retire.)

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  1. I love the Miller's Tale! When I read it in undergrad I had no idea that medieval people were so raunchy. I thought of them as all being pious Catholics.