Friday, February 23, 2007

Three truths, one lie

One of my friends showed me this (well, her version) a while ago. The idea is that you put forward four things, three of which are true, and one of which isn't true, and see if people know you well enough to know which is which.

So, here goes. Can you guess which is false?

I rode on the top of a train down the side of a large mountain range, through tunnels and all.

In college, I worked in a lab and did histology on rat brains.

I swam with wild penguins in the wild, close enough that I could reach out and touch one; it felt rubbery.

I officiated at a wedding ceremony.

Feel free to play yourself.


  1. I think that you didn't swim with wild penguins.

  2. I vote for the penguins, too.

  3. I vote for the train story as being false. I know you were in the Peace Corps, so I think it's plausible that you swam with wild penguins; I know you have a science background; I think that with your background someone probably has asked you to officiate their wedding. When will we find out?

  4. Okay, why do I think all of them could be true?

  5. The train story sounds so dangerous! If that's true, I'd like to know the circumstances!

  6. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I'm thinking penguins...why would they let someone that close to them? And why would you be swimming in water THAT darn cold???

  7. Hmm. Let's see if I can work this out.

    Train thing. You're sporty, and sporty people often do things that would scare the life out of me. The train thing would scare the life out of me. True.

    Lab Rat thing. That's just cool. True.

    Penguin swimming. Ditto coolness, ditto true.

    Officiating at a wedding ceremony. I call false here.

  8. I vote for the train...

    I do this exercise (or used to do it) as an ice-breaker in my classes sometimes. Does help to connect students with funny stories right off. Doesn't help to be not intimidating if I use being in the Israeli army as one of my "truths."

  9. I'm gonna go with the penguins.

  10. OK, no one's voted for the rat brains business. So just to be contrary, I'll vote for that one, on the grounds that I'd believe you worked in a lab, but maybe you're being sneaky and actually worked with mouse brains.