Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blogging the Blizzard

I wrote a big long post about the snow. But let's face it, it wasn't that bad here because most of the bad weather skirted south. I'm still a snow noob, even after 10 years in the midwest.

Friday night, it snowed. Saturday morning, I dug out. My neighbor, the Gadget Guy (who has snow mobiles, ATVs, a boat, etc all rotating through his parking pad depending on the season) said that maybe I could count it as a REALLY small blizzard. That would make it my first. (I know! I'm so proud.)

And then worked at home, reading and grading.

Saturday night, it snowed. Sunday morning, I dug out. Then the snow plow came and left a huge triangle tube of snow in the driveway, the width of the driveway, eight feet wide, and almost three feet high at the top. I cursed the city plow quietly (I didn't shake my hand at him because I didn't want him making a second pass or something!), and I dug out again.

It's supposed to snow a little more tonight, so maybe I'll dig out again tomorrow morning.

It counts as exercise, all this digging, right?


  1. Definitely exercise! Google shoveling snow and calories and you will see how many it burns compared ot other activities!

  2. I think that walking out to the mailbox to get the paper counts as exercise with this much snow.

  3. My back still hurts from all he digging.... um, because of the muscles, I hope.