Sunday, February 11, 2007


A student emailed me on Saturday, asking how to drop a class ASAP! He'd tried to drop the class on-line, but we're past the date when that works and he needs to get a form, fill it out, and such.

He thinks I check such things and do advising on the weekend.

What's pathetic, is that I emailed him already, with a link to the form he needs.

Pathetic. I need to get a life. And I need to get it where it's above freezing.

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  1. Hey, old friend Bardiac:

    Bushels of empathy here. I've been peculiarly and uncharacteristically obsessive about email for my regular job responsibilities and my WebCT students.

    I realize I am doing myself and my colleagues a disservice. I've gotten a couple of "Thanks for the quick response" sentiments, but mostly, it sets a ridiculous perception that actually have no lives and raises an insupportable expectation that we can, will, and should reply to any email within hours (or moments) no matter the time or occasion. This then becomes easier for students than, say, reading assignment instructions or syllabus. All I can say is, praise the gods I do no advisement.

    Hope all is well. The incipient, virtual daughter is now present, actual, currently squealing daughter, 5 months old. I hope I will be able to work with you on Chaucer again sometime. (My Riverside never did come in...grrr.)