Wednesday, February 07, 2007

And now, for something completely different

Over at Blogging the Renaissance, Truewit is working to rebirth some lost art forms, and has started with an acrostic! Look and try to enjoy! (I have to admit, even trying to do a couplet made me both want to do more--the temptation!--and to want to crawl under my computer desk.

I think there's great potential here. We could do commendatory verses on other blogs, kissing up in hopes of linkage. Imagine the people who would write for, say, Bitch PhD or Daily KOS? It could be a new sort of patronage, just as sycophantic as the old sort. Brown-nosing brought to a new digital low.

We could pass it around as a meme: write a short commendatory verse to three other bloggers, tag them, and ask them to continue it.

Or we could all start writing sonnet sequences again. After all, there is nothing new that is not old,* right? And those bazillion sonnet sequences that went around the first time, well, no one reads 99% of them anyways, so we could borrow freely. Plagiarize, let no one else's work evade your eyes**!

* Paraphrasing Chaucer.
*Tom Lehrer's wit, not mine. The man is/was a bleeping genius. If anyone is cut out to take on political stuff in verse, it's him. Why oh why did he "waste" himself on math? Come back to the public poetry sphere, Professor Lehrer!

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